Change and dissolving a company

Did you found your company a long time ago, and are now looking to implement a change in your organisation, or planning to dissolve it completely? The information provided here will help you with your plans.
Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

This brochure from the Start-up portal of the Federal Ministry of Economics (Bundeswirtschaftsministerium) contains plenty of useful information about company succession.

(website only available in German)

IHK Land-Dill

How do I determine the value of the company and the takeover price? This leaflet contains several pages of information about company takeovers.

(website only available in German)

Nexxt Change

Are you looking for a company, or a successor? The nexxt-change platform facilitates the exchange between companies and entrepreneurs with the aim of bringing company founders together with interested successors.

(website only available in German)

Unternehmensbörse Hessen

The Hessen Company Exchange Platform provides the opportunity of putting those wanting to sell or buy a company in touch with one another. It allows parties to communicate anonymously to begin with, without anything being binding.

(website only available in German)