Legal matters

Setting up your own business naturally gives rise to a multitude of questions in the legal field. As a result, the links in this section direct you to frequently needed legal information.

This is where you will find a wide range of legal information, specifically aimed at people setting up their own business. The fundamental legal questions that arise when starting a business have been organised into different sections.

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Which tax do I need to pay, and when? What should I do if I need to make a claim? What should I insure? These questions and many others are answered in the form of check-lists and info at a glance. The key focus areas are taxes, insurance and formalities.

(website only available in German)

When starting your own business, you not only have to focus on the start-up, but also have to safeguard yourself against risks. Quite often, financial security for your retirement also needs completely reorganising. Right now, though, time is scarce to take care of this matter. The following pages present a summary of the most important points so that you know what's what at a glance.