Before setting up your business online, you should make sure that you have available all the necessary and detailed information. This portal offers a compilation of contacts that can provide advice and support in this challenging situation. Contact points for start-ups are as follows.



Hessen Wappen
Start-ups in Hesse
There are numerous points of contact in Hessen that support you with the first stages in setting up your own business. We have listed the most important here.
Flagge Deutschland
Start-ups in Germany
A whole range of different places and portals offer support to self-employed people, freelancers and entrepreneurs when setting up their business.
Flagge EU
Start-ups in the EU
The European Union also provides services to help people who want to become self-employed. You will find these listed on the following pages.
Foreign Trade
You find the most important contact points and information for the foreign trade here.
Financing and financial aid
General information about financing and financial aid, together with specific information about funding programmes can be found in the paragraphs below.
Legal form of a company
The legal form of a company is a key factor. It dictates many aspects, including the minimal capital investments, liability and decision-making powers.