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You intend to go into business for yourself, to set up a company or a new branch? You intend to open a workshop, a restaurant or a law practice? You don’t want to spend your valuable time in administrative procedures?

No problem: These and various other matters that in the past required multiple administrative paths, can now be handled easily online, around- the-clock and efficiently from your home or office through a single point of contact.



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Point of Single Contact
The idea to create the position of a point of single contact originates from the European Union: Bureaucratic barriers, which have to be overcome by the self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and freelancers while going through administrative processes, should be eliminated by all member states of the European Union...
First Steps
First steps
In addition to the administrative formalities that can be dealt with by the hessian point of single contact, there are further steps that need to be taken into account in forming a company on the route to self-employment.
The point of single contact Hessen offers a separate portal for your Online-Application.
Your Europe
Cross-Border services
Service providers from other EU/EEA Member States and Switzerland can provide their services on a temporary basis without setting up a permanent branch in Germany.
Hessen Wappen
The Point of single contact in Hessen is the central service point for self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and freelancers who intend to set up in Hessen or to change their business and are looking for a single contact for the required administrative processes.
European Commission
Recognition of foreign qualifications
On this page you will find useful links for the recognition of professional qualifications.
Chambers and associations
Chambers and associations are the representatives of self-employed, professionals and entrepreneurs.
This Site provides information about the EU law & applicable legislation, taxation and customs union.
These links provide useful information about insurance.
Change and dissolving a company
Did you found your company a long time ago, and are now looking to implement a change in your organisation, or planning to dissolve it completely? The information provided here will help you with your plans.
Company management
Are you ready to go? You have gathered initial information and want to enter the start-up phase with the creation of a business plan, for example. Practical information about this, as well as many other areas, can be found in this section.
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Public Register
This section includes links to the Company Register, Insolvency Register, the Patent Office, Land Registry Office, the Certificate of good conduct and other public registers in Germany. It also provides information about job catalogues.