Regional Councils

Three regions - three regional councils: with six million inhabitants, the state of Hessen like other states relies on the concept of combining the main administrative tasks at regional administration offices – the regional councils (Regierungspräsidien).

Located in Darmstadt, Gießen and Kassel, they guarantee a regional anchorage in Southern, Middle and Northern Hessen and as such build the backbone of the state government authority. In previous years they have proven to be forerunners for administrative innovations like paperless procedures for allowances or naturalisation by electronic means. With the decision to set up the single point of contact according to the EU Services Directive the hessian government relies on the experience and innovative power of its regional councils. Online services for citizens, business and administration are the pathway to the future. Also, but not only, for trade procedures.

The regional councils are mediators and links between state government in Wiesbaden and the regions in Hessen as well as between ministries on the one hand and counties, cities and municipalities on the other. It is their task to implement central policy into the regions, and to perform advisory and supervision functions regarding subordinate authorities.

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