Customs duties & taxes

These pages contain information about customs duties and taxes. You will find many links to European Union services, such as summaries of the most important types of tax in different member states.

The Market Access Database provides information about market entry in non-EU countries, and the conditions that need to be respected when importing to these countries. There is information about customs duties and taxes, formalities, statistics, etc.. The page is only available in English.

The Federal Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) provides a range of tax-related services.

ElsterOnline is a tool that allows users to complete many tax-related formalities conveniently online (e.g., income tax return), without any printing, forms and postage. This service is available to all registered taxpayers, tax consultants, payroll tax advice associations, and designated company representatives.

(website only available in German)

The integrated system for the management of licences (Système Intégré de Gestion de Licenses – SIGL) provides information about the quota levels for clothes, shoes, steel and wood products in the European Union. This site is only available in English.